Eagle River Fishing Report

UPDATED: September 11th, 2014

The Eagle River is one of the last true large freestone rivers in Colorado. The Eagle runs right through the heart of the Vail Valley. Starting it’s 77 mile journey high above the valley floor near Tennessee pass and dropping 2,400 vertical feet in it’s first 30 miles the river slows and widens as it flows through the towns of Avon and Edwards. The upper Eagle is famous for it’s great Brown Trout habitat and faster water/ pocket fishing, this area is overlooked by many anglers but offers some great wade fishing using big dry flies and streamers. As the Eagle cuts it’s way west towards the Colorado River from Edwards, Float and wade fishing for a mix of larger Browns and Rainbows is some of the best fishing in Colorado. The lower Eagle is more heavily fished but offers good public access. Fish up to 20 plus inches are not uncommon in the Eagle River. Spring fishing conditions can change quickly up here so best to call the shop for updates If you are looking to get out on your own stop in the shop and we can point you in the right direction with the right bugs. It’s full on Caddis Fly season on the Eagle right now. Flows are perfect for wading or floating. There are also a lot of Pale Morning Duns and Yellow Sally Stone flies to you on your toes. Call now and get a float trip while their still happening. The white water rafting season is over on the Eagle so it’s just us!

Eagle River Report Date


Eagle River Flow
  • Avon 225 CFS behind the shop
  • Wolcott 305 CFS
  • Gypsum 335 CFS
Eagle River Mid Day Water Temp

64 Degrees @ Wolcott Mid day at Wolcott

Eagle River Current Rating (1-10)

9 / 10

Eagle River Fly Fishing Report

Fantastic dry fly fishing right now. Caddis, PMD’s and Stone flies are hatching throughout the day. Try a PMX (Royal, Peacock, Yellow) or Stimulator with a Hares Ear, Prince, Golden Stone, Pats Rubber Leg Dropper.  The Caddis are a Olive in color now.  Attractor patterns are always a good bet on the eagle as are a good selection of Terrestrials.  With the afternoon Monsoons be ready with some Blue Winged Olives as well.  The float season maybe over but the wade fishing has been outstanding!  The river is in great shape from the top of Tennessee pass to the confluence at Dotsero. Stop in the shop for some coffee to go with the Patriots and renegades you’ll be needing out there.

Shop hours are 8-6 Mon-Sat and 8-4Sundays

Hot Flies on the Eagle River

STREAMERS; Buggers(Black, Olive) , Tequilly’s….

DRIES: PMX’s ( Yellow, Royal, Peacock) Stimulators (Yellow, Tan, Peacock) Royal Wulff’s, Para Wulff’s, Elk Hair Caddis Rolling Golden stones, Bullet head Stones,Patriots and Renegades. All #10-14′s

NYMPHS: Copper John red / chart. (#14-20) BH Pheasant Tails(#12-16) JU JU Bee midges in blue, red and black (#18-22) Fly Formerly (#16-18) Pats Rubber Legs (#6-8) Epoxy back Golden Stones (#10-16) Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail (#14-18) Barr BWO Emerger (#18-22) Hares Ears (#12-16) 20 Inchers(#10-14) JR’s Emerger (#20-22) Black beauty (#20-24)Biot Black Midge Emerger(#20-22)M&M Midge Black (#20-22) Dorsey’s Top Secret(#20-24)Eggs (#12-18)Prince Nymphs (#14-18) Black Copper Johns(#14-18) Soft Hackle Red Quill emerger(#12-14)