The Long and the Short of it: A guide’s guide to long vs. short rods

                      The Long and the Short of it: A guide’s guide to long vs. short rods I recall when I broke into the guiding bus. Back in 1996 there wasn’t much more choice in the [Read More]

Gear Review: Redington Butter Stick Fly Rod “The Name says it All”

Gear review: Redington Butter Stick Fly Rod “The Name says it All” It’s not often that you go out and purposely track down the most affordable rod in a category to use. Especially when you have all the “Pro deals” at your disposal.  That was [Read More]

The Colorado Caddis of Summer

            The Chaotic Caddis of Summer       Summer is here and time is right for fishing those crazy chaotic Caddis.  Fly fishers the world over spend a good chunk of their lives chasing the caddis hatches that can [Read More]

Review of Smith Chromapop lenses

  Since Smith Optics first introduced the ChromaPop lenses in late 2014 we have had ample time to put them to the test as well as getting feedback from our customers. The jury is in and we are more than impressed with these lenses performance [Read More]

Competition Fly fishing?

  The World fly fishing championships started in 1983, and believe it or not the first winners that year were the Dutch! Since then, the championships have gained serious momentum, and there has been a WFFC every single year since that fateful day back in [Read More]

Review of Streamer Fly lines

Review of streamer lines for 2016 When the water temperatures on our local rivers get into the mid-4o’s on a daily basis 2 major things happen the get all Fly fishers very excited around here. It’s the beginning of the Blue Winged Olive hatch which [Read More]

Product review of Orvis Hydros SL Reel

  Product review of Orvis Hydros SL Reel. Got to river test the new Orvis Hydros SL II reel this week on the Eagle river. March here is a good time to test a new reel. The fish are big and they have a ton [Read More]

Springtime in the Mountains-A Flyfisher’s Paradise

  Springtime in the Mountains-A Flyfisher’s Paradise. The days are getting longer and the bugs are hatching on the rivers, a fly fisher’s paradise.  In the last few days the shop has been overrun with local as well as the visitors in the know, the fishing has [Read More]

The Magnificent Midge for Winter Fly Fishing

The Magnificent Midge Midges, Midges and more Midges.  When the weather in the heart of the Rocky Mountains has turned to the short days of winter and many fly fishers have traded in their fly rods for skis or snowboards.  Trout also realize that the [Read More]

Gear Review – Fishpond Yampa Guide Lumbar Pack

      The Fishpond Yampa Guide Lumbar pack is a great representation of all the qualities that make Fishpond an undisputed leader in the bag/pack/luggage/travel gear of the fly fishing world.  Fishpond, now entering its second decade, has a passion for creating products that stretch the boundaries [Read More]

Review of the Orvis Sonic Tailwater Wading Jacket

Orvis Sonic Tailwater Jacket                 The Orvis Sonic Tailwater Jacket is at the top of its class and would be a great shell for any angler that loves to tackle all the seasons head on. Orvis has constructed this jacket using the same sonically welded [Read More]

Winter Fly Fishing in Colorado’s Ski Country

  Colorado is ski country let’s get that straight. To most casual observers, winter in Colorado means waxing up the boards and hitting the snow, waiting in lift lines and sitting in traffic. But to those of us in the know, winter is a dual [Read More]

Review of the Orvis Firehole Grid Fleece

Orvis Firehole Grid Fleece (1/4 zip and Vest)                 The Orvis Firehole Grid Fleece is a great layer that will provide warmth and a stylish design that is great on the river or an evening on the town. The grid pattern helps create loft (warmth) [Read More]

Review of Redington Hydrogen 311-4.

By: Raymong Kyle, Fly Fishing Outfitters guide/shop Manager, Euro Nymphing Fanatic Review of the Redington Hydrogen 11 foot 3 weight is a medium fast rod that is an ideal setup for anyone interested in European nymphing. With the added length, the angler is able to [Read More]

10 Best Flies for Fall Fishing in Colorado’s Freestone Rivers

    As the days begin to get shorter, nights cooler and many fishermens fancy turns to stalking Bambi there still remains some fantastic uncrowded fishing to be had.  Late fall into early winter provides those who know some of the best Fly fishing of the [Read More]

The Art of European Nymphing with Jason Lieverst

Join us at FLY FISHING OUTFITTERS 9am Saturday, October 10th. for a comprehensive workshop on the techniques of European Nymphing.  The day’s events will be hosted by FFO guide Jason Lieverst. About Jason Lieverst Jason has been a competitor for over 25 years, and has [Read More]