The Colors of Winter-How blue and pruple flies are taking winter by storm.

  The Colors of Winter –Blue and purple flies are taking winter by storm .  I was just unpacking my first fly shipment of the new year and notices the # of different patterns that we are getting that are purple or blue.  In the [Read More]

Top Fly Patterns for Winter Trout

  Top Fly Patterns for Winter Trout Now that we can officially call it Winter, it doesn’t mean the Trout stop feeding. The locals here in the Vail valley are very savvy when it comes to knowing what gear to use when hitting the mountain [Read More]

Gift Card Sale

GIFT CARD SALE From Dec 1st -15th. you can receive 20% off a Fly Fishing Outfitters Gift card.   A Fly Fishing Outfitters Gift card is a perfect gift for the Fly – fisher who has everything or so you thought.  Our gift cards are [Read More]

The Best of Winter Fly-fishing in Colorado

  The Best of Winter Fly-fishing in Colorado Having grown up in the Mid-west where the sun goes on vacation from October until may, the thought of breaking out the fly-fishing gear in Winter was hard to fathom.  But then again we were avid ice [Read More]

Improve your Streamer Fishing

Streamer fishing has really evolved over the past 15 years, from fishing small patterns like Mickey Finns and Grey Ghosts fished swung and quickly stripped back on floating lines, to flies commonly ranging from 4-6 inches long, often with lots of bulk, a large profile, [Read More]

The Colors of Fall- Fall Fly Fishing in Colorado’s high Country

Aaaahhh the first day of Fall in Colorado’s high country.  Many people dread this day as the beginning of the dark days of Winter, but not the fly-fishing enthusiast.  The crowds of summer are long gone the water conditions are fantastic and the trout are [Read More]

Switch your Style

TENKARA If simplicity is your game, the ancient Japanese art of Tenkara is the right way to go. Tenkara fly fishing (Japanese: テンカラ, literally: “from heaven”, or “from the skies”) is a traditional type of fishing practiced in Japan that should not be confused with fly-fishing. [Read More]

The Long and the Short of it: A guide’s guide to long vs. short rods

                      The Long and the Short of it: A guide’s guide to long vs. short rods I recall when I broke into the guiding bus. Back in 1996 there wasn’t much more choice in the [Read More]

The Colorado Caddis of Summer

            The Chaotic Caddis of Summer       Summer is here and time is right for fishing those crazy chaotic Caddis.  Fly fishers the world over spend a good chunk of their lives chasing the caddis hatches that can [Read More]

What Makes Fly Fishing So Family Friendly?

Fly fishing is a fantastic family friendly activity that offers a host of benefits. We’re all about encouraging families to try new recreational activities together, especially those that feature the beauty and serenity of nature. Here are some reasons why Fly Fishing is great for [Read More]

Competition Fly fishing?

  The World fly fishing championships started in 1983, and believe it or not the first winners that year were the Dutch! Since then, the championships have gained serious momentum, and there has been a WFFC every single year since that fateful day back in [Read More]

Review of Streamer Fly lines

Review of streamer lines for 2016 When the water temperatures on our local rivers get into the mid-4o’s on a daily basis 2 major things happen the get all Fly fishers very excited around here. It’s the beginning of the Blue Winged Olive hatch which [Read More]

Springtime in the Mountains-A Flyfisher’s Paradise

  Springtime in the Mountains-A Flyfisher’s Paradise. The days are getting longer and the bugs are hatching on the rivers, a fly fisher’s paradise.  In the last few days the shop has been overrun with local as well as the visitors in the know, the fishing has [Read More]

The Magnificent Midge for Winter Fly Fishing

The Magnificent Midge Midges, Midges and more Midges.  When the weather in the heart of the Rocky Mountains has turned to the short days of winter and many fly fishers have traded in their fly rods for skis or snowboards.  Trout also realize that the [Read More]

Winter Fly Fishing in Colorado’s Ski Country

  Colorado is ski country let’s get that straight. To most casual observers, winter in Colorado means waxing up the boards and hitting the snow, waiting in lift lines and sitting in traffic. But to those of us in the know, winter is a dual [Read More]

10 Reasons Fly Fishing Is Easier Than You Think

Fly fishing is defined as a type of fishing that utilizes artificial ‘flies’ to lure and catch fish. It may seem intimidating, but now’s the time to put your fears to rest. This popular recreational sport isn’t nearly as complex as you believe, though the [Read More]