10 Best Flies for Fall Fishing in Colorado’s Freestone Rivers

    As the days begin to get shorter, nights cooler and many fishermens fancy turns to stalking Bambi there still remains some fantastic uncrowded fishing to be had.  Late fall into early winter provides those who know some of the best Fly fishing of the [Read More]

5 Reasons Fly Fishing Outfitters is Right For Your Family

Searching for Guided Fly Fishing Trips in Colorado? If you and your family are super-excited about fly fishing and interested in booking a guided trip, Fly Fishing Outfitters is the company for you! We’re the Orvis-endorsed fly fishing guides of Vail Valley, and are always [Read More]

Why Fall is the Best Time of Year for Fly Fishing in Colorado

Oktoberfest, Elk hunting, Football and Fly fishing! It’s Fall in Colorado and we couldn’t be happier.  The crowds of summer all but gone the water temperature are ideal for dry flies and it’s the start of Streamer season! As long as I can remember whether [Read More]

The Mystery of the kamikaze Grasshopper

As the Dog days of summer warm the rivers and the hatches of Caddis and Stonflies begin to wane many seasoned fly angler looks to the  fly box that has now found its way to the bottom of the boat bag or the forgotten vest [Read More]

The Rebirth of the Eagle River.

The Eagle River has cut it’s way through the Vail Valley  from the top of Tennessee pass to it’s confluence with the Colorado River some 70 plus miles of diverse fishing opportunity that range from  high mountain  pocket water to a large meandering valley floor [Read More]

A good Guide can be the Key to catching the Fly-fishing Bub

good guide can be the key to catching the fly-fishing bug There are essentially three ways to learn how to fly-fish: through a mentor, through a guide or winging it on your own By Scott Willoughby The Denver Post POSTED:   06/30/2015 10:26:48 PM MDTADD [Read More]

Wade vs Float Fishing

One of the most frequently asked questions our shop staff gets is:”Should I wade or float fish when I book my trip with a guide”.  There are a number of answers to that age old inquiry.  Most often when hen faced with that very question [Read More]

New Orvis Recon Fly rods

Stopping my my fly shop can be a gambling affair. You never know who just got back from where and “you gotta go,” what fly is hot for the time being or what new gear you need to caress with your own hands. But rest [Read More]

    Return to all Experts Articles So You Want to Be a Fishing Guide? by Philip Monahan Have a question you want answered? Email it to us at ask@midcurrent.com. Question: I think I’m a pretty good fisherman, and I’d like to try guiding somewhere out [Read More]


Gore Creek, Vail Colorado’s Gem

Gore Creek, CO An Affair to Remember By Michael Salomone Like a string of fine pearls accessorizing the famous Colorado ski town, Gore Creek flows gently through the Vail area and offers exceptional fishing in every season. Fed by small but important tributaries, “the Gore,” [Read More]

Winter Fly Fishing in Colorado

Early winter is the time to fish slow and deep not the time to place your fly rod in storage. The high country sees the onset of winter’s grasp well before the front-range or western slope. In Colorado the amount of winter angling opportunities range [Read More]

Fall Fly Fishing in the Vail valley, Colorado

Fall in the heart of the Colorado  high country means 2 things hunting season and uncrowded Fly-fishing.  This time of year is perhaps the favorite for local Fly-fishers.  The crowds of summer are long gone and the fish are feeding in anticipation of the fall [Read More]