Eagle River Fishing Report

Bob Streb client evening Brown on the Dry upper C 7-26-16 Eagle River Brown Red Draw Ranch Kid

UPDATED: August 2nd. 2016

Amazing fishing conditions right now!


Overall conditions: Very Good

The Eagle River is one of the last true large freestone rivers in Colorado. The Eagle runs right through the heart of the Vail Valley. Starting it’s 77-mile journey high above the valley floor near Tennessee pass and dropping 2,400 vertical feet in its first 30 miles the river slows and widens as it flows through the towns of Avon and Edwards. The upper Eagle is famous for its great Brown Trout habitat and faster water/ pocket fishing, this area is overlooked by many anglers but offers some great wade fishing using big dry flies and streamers. As the Eagle cuts it’s way west towards the Colorado River from Edwards, float and wade fishing for a mix of larger Browns and Rainbows is some of the best fishing in Colorado in early to late July. The lower Eagle is more heavily fished but offers good public access. Wild Rainbows and Browns up to 20 plus inches are not uncommon in the Eagle River.

8/2/2016 As we head into the hotter days of August the Eagle River is best fished early in the day or later towards evening.  The caddis are still hatching just later in the day until dark.  The color of the Caddis is now more of a green or olive. Terrestrials are very effective this time of year on the Eagle.  Think a bit more outside the box when it comes to your bug selections for dry flies.  The nymphing patters are now way smaller than a couple of weeks ago. Please try to avoid fishing in the mid-day if at all possible.

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Eagle River Digital GPS Web MapGet these maps on your phone. Scan the QR Codes with the QR Code Reader in the free Avenza PDF Map App
Eagle River Digital GPS Web MapGet these maps on your phone. Scan the QR Codes with the QR Code Reader in the free Avenza PDF Map App







Eagle River Report Date


Eagle River Flow
  • Avon 223 CFS behind the shop.
  • Wolcott  269 CFS
  • Gypsum  296 CFS


Eagle River Mid Day Water Temp

67 Degrees @ Wolcott late day.

Eagle River Current Rating (1-10)

8 of 10 Above Wolcott
8 of 10  Below Wolcott


Eagle River Fly Fishing Report

The best fishing is early mornings and evenings right now.  The Caddis hatch has become a evening program due to the warmer water temps.  Pale Morning Duns and Red Quills are also hatching now as well.  Good Terestrial action too.

Hot Flies on the Eagle River


DRIES: Light Cahil(#14-16) Patriot(#14-18)Royal Wulff(#18-22)Peacock caddis(#14-16)Olive Elk Hair Caddis (#14-16) Peacaock,Royal,Yellow PMX(#12-18)Triple Decker Hoppers (#10-12) Chernobyl Ants(#8-10)

NYMPHS: Biot Golden Stones(#10-14) red/Pearl/Black Rainbow Warriors(#18-22) BH/ Prince Nymphs (#10-14) Red/Chartreuse Copper Johns(#12-20)Quasimodo Pheasant Tail (16-20) Formerly’s(#12-18)BH Pheasant Tails(#14-20)Translucent Caddis Pupa(#14-16)Graphic Caddis Pupa tan(#14-16)BH Soft hacle PT’s (#14-18)

STREAMERS; Mostly Black or Olive Buggers. Eagle River fish dont like big flashy streamers