Roaring Fork River Fishing Report

colorado-fly-fishing-troutBWOIn the net! January float fishing

Updated: May 14th. 2016

The Roaring Fork River starts high above Aspen and makes its way down valley through Basalt (Frying Pan River) to Glenwood Springs where it meets up with the Colorado River. The upper Fork above the Town of Carbondale is fantastic wade and raft float fishing on the large freestone fishery. From Carbondale down river to Glenwood Springs the river widens and is more conducive to Drift boat fishing as well as wading. The Roaring fork although not as scenic as other rivers is an incredible trout fishery that is known for it’s Green Drake hatch starting in early July most years. The Roaring Fork is home to some big Browns and Rainbows especially as you get near Glenwood Springs. Excellent public access is available from Glenwood to Aspen. The current flows are pretty low for the hard boats in some spots. Great wading access above Carbondale all winter. The Frying Pan River enters the Roaring Fork at Basalt, the Pan is one the world’s most recognized trophy Trout rivers.


5/14/2016- pre run-off conditions right now especially with the lower elevations. The water clarity improves as the day goes on.  Water temps are in the mid 50’s in the afternoons. Morning Midges and afternoon Blue Wings and Streamers!  We are doing wades and floats right now on the Fork. The full day float on the Fork is probably our most popular spring guide trips for those who are in the know. It doesn’t get much better then right now on the Roaring Fork. Nymphs, dries and Streamers! The nymphing can be the most productive using stones, worms, eggs and other attractor nymphs.

Rating 7of 10 variable clarity, but it’s still very good!

Great Spring fishing !


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Roaring Fork Report Date


Roaring Fork Flow
  • Emma 2351 CFS 
  • Glenwood Springs 750 CFS
Roaring Fork Mid Day Water Temp

45 @ Glenwood Mid day

Roaring Fork Current Rating (1-10)
  • 8 of 10 Above Carbondale
  • 9 of 10 Below Carbondale
Roaring Fork Fly Fishing Report

Perhaps one of the best all time Winter fishing destinations in all of Colorado! Because of its lower elevation and warmer climate the “Fork” is a favorite of our guide staff.  Besides the abundance of wade fishing oppurtunities there is also float fishing availble most days at this time of year.  There is a huge amount public access on the Roaring fork river from Aspen to Glenwood Springs.  Trophy Trout can be found anywhere from carbondale to Glenwood.  Our guides are very well  versed in the fishing oppurtunities over there.

Hot Flies on the Roaring Fork

DRIES/EMERGERS: Roy’s speacial emereger(#18-22) Griffiths Chats(#18-22) Morhgan’s adult Midge (#18-22)Para. Adams(#16-20)Adams Para Wullfs(#16-18)Purple Para Wulffs(#16-18) Extended Body BWO’s(#16-18)

NYMPHS: JR’s Emerger (#18-22) Formerly Princes (#14-18) BH Pheasant Tail (#18-22) Red/ Chartreuse /Zebra Copper John (#16-20) Barrs Emereger BOW (18-22) Craven’s JUJU midge’s (#20-24) KF Flash Midge (#18-22)Egg’s,RS-@’s (#18-22)Fowler Biot Midge(#18-22)Barr BWO emerger(#16-20) BH Micro may BWO(#16-18)

STREAMERS: Buggers. Invaders, Sculpzillas, Tequilly’s…Colder water make for more difficult streamer fishing in mid winter