European/ Modern Nymphing Workshops

European/ Modern Nymphing


For the last several years, but particularly in the last 24 months the buzz about nymphing has really grown loud.  European, Czech, Polish…nymphing, whatever you want to call we have a good idea where it came from.  It’s how it works that has gotten the interest of anglers other than the competition guys.  Vail Co.  hosted the 2016 World Fly Fishing Championships this past September. 38 international teams descended upon our tranquil valley and proceeded to educate the locals fly fishing community on just how to catch more fish.  But the lingering effect of the Worlds and America’s cup events has been fantastic.  What has attracted people most to this technique with such eagerness is the idea that you’re getting the fly to the fish faster and for a longer presentation.  The Drift.  Never one to want to stare at indicators all day the Modern Nymphing, as we are referring to it, I have found this much more cerebral.

We became very close the Jason Lieverst who was at the time working for Fips-Mouche the governing body for international competition.  Jason had been the Fips-Mouche event inspector of the 2015 Junior Championships event here.  He liked it so much he just never left. He spent so much time at our shop I finally had to hire the “Limey”.  Jason had spent over 20 years at the competition level as well as a Team International Captain.  We you know the old saying: hang around a barber Shop long enough…We started to succumb to the idea of catching more Trout.

If you have wondered, wonder no more.  It’s a blast and yes it catches more fish!  Fly Fishing Outfitters in conjunction with Masternymph.  Will be hosting several workshops not eh entire program beginning September 1 & 2nd 2017.  Jason will be presenting as well as giving hands on teaching of the techniques. From the rod to the line to the flies and their rigging, Jason will be covering it all.

COST:$375.00  Equipment rental and terminal tackle included.

here is  a video the Jason Lieverst and FFO’s John Packer did to explain a bit more about European Nymphing:

Pleas call the shop to register for this limited space workshop.