Fly Fishing Waders

Waders are breathable and waterproof overalls that keep you warm and dry in water.

Like all outdoor activities, you’re only having as much fun as you are comfortable in your surroundings, Fly-Fishing is no different. Having the right rod, reel… don’t mean a thing if you are miserable and cold or too hot.

Thank goodness for technology. Once upon a time, wearing a fly fishing wader in warmer weather was akin to stepping into an old fashioned rubber weight-reducing suit. On warm or hot days, an angler wearing the waders of years past would emerge from the stream wet, smelly and steamy on the outside but as dehydrated as a prune on the inside.

What Do Waders Do?

Waders keep you warm and dry in the water. Anglers are often amazed at how cold water can be even in the middle of the summer. Unless you are fishing in tropical waters, you will need waders to fish in lakes, rivers, and streams.

Finally, good fly fishing waders can help you stay in water for long stretches of time, as you won’t need to change clothes. If you choose breathable waders, you will find they deliver warmth without causing excessive perspiration. You will feel comfortable and be able to fly fish for hours.

Today’s Waders are made from breathable lightweight materials like Gore-Tex, which is a material we are all familiar with. Every company nowadays uses its own proprietary materials and manufacturing methods. So just like buying a rod or anything else that’s an investment it pays to do some research and shop different brands. When fishing in colder climates, it’s more about what you wear under your waders. Cotton is bad, synthetics are better.

Different Types of Waders

Before you choose the type of waders you need, you should consider the kind of fly fishing you will be doing:

  • Fly fishing hip waders are very comfortable and practical for fly fishing in shallow waters: in this case, the water should be knee-high.
  • Fly fishing waist waders reach up to your waist and are held up by a belt. They are great for summer fishing when you want your feet to stay warm but don’t want a full-bodywader that keeps your torso and chest hot. However, waist waders should not be worn in deep waters.
  • If you want to fish in deep waters in the middle of winter, then you need chest waders. As their name suggests, they reach up to your chest and keep you warm and comfortable even in the coldest and wettest conditions.

Note that you will be on a boat if you go float fishing. In this case, do not wear a wader. If you fall in the water, the wader will get water inside and make any movement difficult and heavy, which can be very dangerous.

Fly Fishing Waders and Boots

Waders come in two types, depending on whether they can be worn on their own or with boots: bootfoot waders and stockingfoot waders.

Bootfoot Waders

Bootfoot waders integrate an insulated and waterproof boot at the bottom of the wader trousers. This means you don’t need to buy a separate pair of wader boots.

Bootfoot waders have the advantage of being exceptionally versatile: you just put them on and you are ready to go fishing.

However, they can be a little difficult to put on and are heavier than stockingfoot waders because they incorporate the boots, which tend to be heavy. Also, you may find it difficult to find the right size of wader and boot: sometimes the boot size doesn’t match your body size.

Stockingfoot Waders

Stockingfoot waders have neoprene socks at the bottom of the pants. When you buy stockingfoot waders, you also need to buy a pair of wading boots.

Neoprene socks will keep your feet warm while the boots will protect your ankles from rocks and give you a good grip on muddy and slippery soil. Since the boots are bought separately from the waders, you don’t need to worry about sizes.

However, stockingfoot waders require you to make a bigger initial investment. You also need to remember to carry the boots alongside the waders.We highly recommend stocking foot waders because in the heat of mid-summer you might not want to wear your waders but opt to wear your boots with a neoprene stocking.

What Material Are Fly Fishing Waders Made of?

Fly fishing waders are made of PVC, rubber, or breathable Gore-Tex.

Rubber used to be the most common material used in fly fishing waders, as it is highly insulating. Also, rubber waders can be more durable.

However, rubber is not breathable: when you start moving, sweat will stay inside the waders and make your body feel damp. Rubber waders are also heavier and warmer, particularly in the summer.

Thankfully, technology has improved and we now have breathable materials such as nylon and Gore-Tex. These keep you insulated and waterproof yet let excess sweat breathe out. This way, you stay warm and dry throughout your fly fishing expedition. As a bonus, these materials are lightweight, so you tire less.

Breathable materials are more expensive than non-breathable ones, but are worth the expense as they will make your fly fishing hobby much more comfortable and enjoyable.

You should gauge your fishing habits against the equipment you need and find the best fly fishing waders for you: the ones that match your preferences, budget, and comfort level.

How Should I Choose My Waders?

As fly fishing outfitters, we suggest you evaluate how and where you want to go fly fishing. Fly fishing in the summer requires different equipment than fly fishing in cold Colorado rivers in the winter.

You can then decide whether you want chest waders, waist waders, or hip waders. This depends on the water depth. Make sure you calculate the depth of the water carefully. Remember that if water gets in your wader—if you fall or go in deeper waters. We advise our customers to get breathable chest high waders for extra comfort and warmth. This is especially true in the colder seasons. Some waders offer helpful extras, such as insulated and waterproof zippers that make putting your waders on and taking them off very easily.

Fly Fishing Outfitters have a variety of waders on sale, including women’s fly fishing waders, Orvis waders, Redington waders, stockingfoot waders, and bootfoot waders. Once you have your wader on, nothing can keep you from enjoying fly fishing!

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  • Orvis Men’s Clearwater Wader


    Are you looking for a top-quality pair of waders that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the Orvis Clearwater men’s wader.  This stylish and durable wader is made of four layers of breathable waterproof nylon, rated at 30k waterproofing and 8K breathability. It’s also highly resistant to abrasion and punctures, so you can rest assured it will stand up to whatever you throw at it.

    Introducing the innovative design of these Clearwater fly-fishing waders tailored specifically for men. Featuring a streamlined Modern Fit that eliminates bulky traditional designs. Crafted from a lightweight yet sturdy four-layer waterproof breathable nylon fabric, boasting a remarkable 30K Waterproofness/8K Breathability rating. Enjoy the convenience of opposing side-release buckles for easy waist-high conversion during warmer weather. Enhance your fishing experience with an external storage pocket equipped with a stretch panel for storing small essentials and fly boxes, complemented by a kangaroo-style handwarmer pocket on the front chest. Experience superior comfort with anatomically designed neoprene booties and integrated neoprene gravel guards that minimize water resistance. The waders are finished with low-profile seam construction and discreet belt loops, complete with a 1½” webbing belt for added functionality.

    If you’re looking for a high-quality wader that won’t break the bank, the Orvis Clearwater is the perfect option. Order yours today and be ready for your next fishing adventure!


    Great Catch Guarantee insignia


    has been our commitment since 1856. It’s who we are. If you aren’t happy with a product or service, we want to know about it. And we’ll make it right. THAT’S THE ORVIS WAY.

  • Orvis Men’s Pro LT Wader



    Introducing the remarkable PRO LT Waders, which build upon the incredible success of the original PRO Waders, renowned for being the most enduring and puncture-resistant in the industry. These waders boast a distinct four-layer CORDURA® shell, the very same fabric that caused such a surge in warranty claims for their predecessors. With a crotch gusset and seam construction designed for maximum flexibility and comfort, maneuvering across boat gunnels and fallen trees becomes effortless. When the temperature rises and relaxation is in order, the waders can easily be converted to a waist-high style using the adjustable elastic suspenders with opposing buckles. Furthermore, a generously sized external pocket on the chest provides a convenient spot to warm your hands between casts, complete with a supplementary pocket for your valued belongings.

    Waders weigh approximately 38 oz. in medium regular. 14 sizes S-XXL including short and long sizes.

    100% CORDURA. Imported.

  • Orvis Men’s Pro Zipper Wader



    For the man who loves to fish, the Orvis Pro zipper wader is the perfect choice. These zippered fly-fishing waders are convenient and comfortable, with a quick on-and-off design. They’re also built to last, with 100% CORDURA fabric and four layers in the upper and five layers in the lower. Plus, the TIZIP Masterseal waterproof zipper is tested for more than 200 days. The Orvis Pro zipper wader also features split fleece-lined handwarmer pockets, two external storage pockets with YKK AquaGuard coated zippers and a split Hypalon daisy chain for tool docking. So if you’re looking for a durable, abrasion-resistant wader that’s packed with features, look no further than the Orvis Pro zipper wader.

    14 sizes S-XXL including short and long sizes.


    Great Catch Guarantee insignia


    has been our commitment since 1856. It’s who we are. If you aren’t happy with a product or service, we want to know about it. And we’ll make it right. THAT’S THE ORVIS WAY.

  • Orvis Men’s Ultralight Convertible Wader


    As part of the new Orvis Ultralight Wading System, the Orvis Men’s Ultralight Convertible Wader is a remarkably versatile, innovative wader designed in a lightweight package without sacrificing durability and performance. Incredibly comfortable modern fit offers superior performance without the traditional weight and bulk.  

    The most impressive feature might be the fixed shoulder straps, which use a clever Magnetic locking system that unlocks to allow anglers to ditch the bib and transform boots into pants. Also, each shoulder strap has an extra tool patch that allows anglers to customize the way they organize their gear. Tool storage is a very personal choice and the Ultralight Convertible Waders offer plenty of options to complement backpacks, slings and chest pockets.  

    The Ultralight Convertible Wader is spacious for foundation coats in cool weather, yet light and breathable enough for hot summer days, which makes it one of the most versatile waders on the market. Available in a multitude of sizes to fit everyone. Free Shipping!! 

    Color: Storm 


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    has been our commitment since 1856. It’s who we are. If you aren’t happy with a product or service, we want to know about it. And we’ll make it right. THAT’S THE ORVIS WAY.

  • Orvis Mens Pro Wader


    Man wades upriver in Orvis PRO Waders.

    For those anglers who are serious about their work and will go to any lengths to find fish, Orvis Men’s Pro Wader is an ideal choice. Its athletic fit ensures a comfortable experience whilst its proprietary 4-layer Cordura® fabric shell in upper legs, and 5-layer cordura fabric shell in lower legs together provide lasting protection from any scrapes or punctures that could occur while fishing.

    For optimal movement and durability, the Orvis Men’s Pro wader boasts a gusseted crotch and conservative seam construction. The neoprene booties are designed anatomically to provide comfort within wading boots while the PU reinforced mesh gravel guard prevents drag and water accumulation. Furthermore, there is an external pocket with YKK AquaGuard® water-resistant zipper that offers additional storage for personal items while keeping them dry.

    No need to worry about puncturing waders or losing tools with the unique suspenders finished with rubberized tabs and a front pocket daisy chain. A large four-way stretch power mesh interior pocket offers extra storage space while keeping items out of the way when not in use. To make quick changes and drying easy, there is a fly patch on the front pocket as well. Kangaroo-style fleece-lined handwarmer pockets are equipped with YKK AquaGuard water-resistant zippers for added protection from the elements.

  • Orvis Women’s Clearwater Wader


    Orvis women’s Clearwater wader is one of the best fishing waders available. The wader suit is designed considering the shape of a woman’s body to offer perfect fit and comfort. A four-layer nylon fabric is used to make the wader suit for enhanced breathability and waterproofing. The four-layer nylon is used to enhance its strength and waterproofing ability. So, you are fully protected from the water splashes while fishing and other tasks that involve water.

    The suit has a 30k waterproofing rating and an 8k breathability rating. As already mentioned, the wader suit is highly waterproof, but it has enhanced breathability as well. The 8k breathability allows your skin to breathe and keeps you comfortable in humid weather.

    Moreover, the low profile seam construction and belt loops make it comfortable to wear and move while fishing and water sport activities. A one and a half-inch webbing belt also enables you to adjust the suit according to your comfort.

    There are opposing side release pockets that make it easy to lower it down to your waist in warm weather conditions. In addition, the highly breathable nylon fabric makes it easy to use on warm days. Also, it comes with an external storage pocket with a stretch panel to store small items and fly boxes. You can also use the pocket as a hand warmer in the cold winter season.

    The updated neoprene booties allow you to walk on wet surfaces and protect your feet from water while fishing and water sports. The booties come with integrated gravel guards to minimize water drag and collection. Moreover, the boots have high grip soles that protect you from slipping on wet surfaces. However, it is advisable to walk carefully even while wearing these booties and wader suits.

    There is a hook and loop patch on the interior pocket of the wader where you can attach the Orvis waterproof pocket that is available separately. It means more space to store small items and accessories. The front shoulder straps have plastic buckles where you can attach small items for easy access. The Orvis waders for women come in different sizes ranging from small to extra large.

    You can choose an appropriate length as the wader is available in petite, regular and tall lengths. Although the Orvis Women’s Clearwater Wader is available at many online marketplaces, you can order it from the Orvis official website.

  • Orvis Fly Fishing Women's Pro Wader

    Orvis Women’s Pro Wader


    The top of the wader and a 5-layer Cordura fabric cover on the underside of the legs add durability, and removable knee pads add durability to a commonly vulnerable area of ​​the wader. Plus, these waders have some of the toughest built-in gravel guards we’ve found. Oh, and one of the most important aspects of staying warm and comfortable has not been overlooked: ankle boots fit well, no excess material and an anatomical fit. These are ideal for active anglers.

    But besides durability and fit, there are a few other things that make these waders great. A puffy chest area with open pockets is perhaps the most annoying thing in the world for fishermen rowing boats or dropping spy rods. Orvis has equipped these boots with a flat trunk and provided all breast pockets with zippers.

    The pillows are made of Ortholite X-25 foam and the foam in particular does not compress over time. The other great design innovation for the Waders Orvis PRO boots are the removable knee-pads.

    Knee pads certainly make this experience more enjoyable, but that’s not all. For walking and hiking guides, and even those with a drifting boat, the extra knee brace is useful when kneeling to remove flies from a trout’s mouth, get a good angle on a picture, or even kneel down by the fire or grill while preparing lunch.

    The wader PRO has a large, fleece-lined pocket on the front of the wader to warm up your hands, as well as a waterproof zip pocket. Inside there is an elastic mesh pocket with a subdivided, detachable equipment pocket. The elastic mesh pocket is ideal for cell phones, wallets and keys, while the detachable pocket offers plenty of space for additional fly boxes, leaders, clips, floats and other accessories that fit in waders.

    The PRO waders are not as comfortable as the Orvis Ultralight waders, but they are close. They’re reassuringly strong so you won’t have to think twice about breaking through the undergrowth. The new design of the women’s professional leg reduces the number of seams and reinforces existing ones. You won’t forget that you are wearing long boots, but they don’t look chunky or restrictive.

    Finally, the internal retractable accessory package in the wader is a great way to keep the leader, guide, and tools handy and organized.

  • Orvis Womens Ultralight Convertible Wader



    Women's Ultralight Convertible Wader - Petite - STORM image number 1

    Ultralight convertible waders are neither sleek nor baggy. It sits somewhere in the middle and offers unstructured freedom of movement and plenty of room for bulky Underlayers.  An elastic cord on the sides and back of the bib allows women to adjust the bodice and fill in any gaps. 

    Stitched seams are on the outside of the leg and not along the crotch to prevent abrasion while walking. That should keep them drier in the long run. Users can expect leak-free performance for longer time periods. 

    This is where the Ultralight Convertible Waders really shine. Small details, from the ankle boots to the breast pockets, make this style easier to wear than most. The front pocket has a tool dock and fly patch. 

    The neoprene reinforcements on the Gravel Guards allow them to easily stretch over waders and laces, while achieving a snug fit in the boots. A fly patch and tool opening in the bib’s chest pocket gives you a convenient place to stash the tools they use most often. 

    Chest pockets are particularly streamlined and reduce unwanted bulk on the chest. There’s no hand warmer but the two zippered pockets (one on the outside, a mesh version on the inside). 

    The most impressive feature might be the fixed shoulder straps, which use a clever locking system that unlocks to allow anglers to ditch the bib and transform boots into pants. Also, each shoulder strap has an extra tool patch that allows anglers to customize the way they organize their gear. Tool storage is a very personal choice and the Ultralight Convertible Waders offer plenty of options to complement backpacks, slings and chest pockets. The contoured shape of the wader suit is specially designed for women anglers and the magnetic fasteners allow you the waist high conversion of the suit. 

  • Redington Crosswater Wader


    Whether you’re new to fishing or a seasoned pro, you need a good pair of waders to keep you dry. Introducing the Redington Crosswater Wader, designed to be an affordable yet reliable option for anyone. This wader is made of a 3-layer waterproof/breathable material, making it perfect for use in all sorts of weather conditions. It’s also lightweight and comfortable to wear, so you can focus on enjoying your fishing trip. Don’t let the wet weather stop you from having a great time out on the water- pick up a pair of Redington Crosswater Waders today!

  • Redington Escape Wader


    For those who venture out into nature, Redington’s Escape Waders provide a reliable option. Combining 3-layer material in its upper and 4-layer material in its lower, this wading apparel is designed to guarantee mobility, breathability, and durability no matter your journey. From extended floats to long hikes, these waders are an exceptional value – offering all you need for an outdoor adventure.

  • Redington Sonic Pro-HD Wader


    Our Sonic-Pro HD wader provides comfort and durability like never before. Neoprene booties offer ergonomic support in addition to our highly reliable SonicWeld seams and 4 layer waterproof breathable construction. All this combine to form our most dependable wader so far.Moreover, ActiveFit technology ensures these waders remain comfortable all day long, while multiple pockets create enough space for important gear. With this product you’ll be ready to tackle any terrain!