Dr. Slick 5″ Prism Clamp


Dr Slick 5″ Prism Clamp

Prism Scissor Clamp 5.5″, jokingly called the “Jerry Garcia” clamp this baby is hip and very functional with a sharp set of scissors built into the traditional Dr. Slick clamp. The scissors have a slightly serrated cutting edge and are VERY sharp. The cut through small rope, twine, fishing line, or into a package of cookies with ease. You will find these more useful than you could have ever imagined!

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Dr. Slick 5″ Prism Clamp

Dr. Slick 5″ Prism Clamps are coated with a Titanium Nitride finish. The coating creates a harder surface and thus adds more protection against salt water. The finish is a unique and fantastic swirl of red, green, blue and orange. No two finishes are ever the same.

Clamps are designed for a myriad of tasks like crushing barbs, removing hooks from fish (or yourself!), opening/closing split shot, knot-tying, cutting tippet, etc.

Knowing what tasks you regularly perform stream-side will help you select the clamp(s) that best suit your angling needs. Clamps tend to be a very personal item, and like a favorite rod or reel, people have preferences for their clamps. Some anglers like short clamps and others prefer long.

Some like straight jaws while others prefer curved. Many like the gold loops/handles and others prefer the stealth-mode black. So, if you lose your buddy’s 5″ curved black clamp, don’t assume the 4″ gold loop straight model you gave him off your vest will clear the air.


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