Fishpond Nimbus Guide Pack


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Fishpond Nimbus Guide Pack

From the outside looking in the Nimbus Guide Pack is pretty clean in design with just two exterior zippers which open to a large center storage area and a smaller outer pocket, two bottle pockets, waist straps, a carry strap, and a few well placed cinch straps to custom fit the pack for comfort.

The exterior construction of the Nimbus Guide Pack is of lightweight nylon fabric which the Fishpond product page calls “waterproof” but I would drop that down a level and instead call it highly water resistant.  Over the past few months this pack has been covered in boat spray and sat for hours in the pouring rain in a drift boat and though I was very surprised at how dry the innards were, I can’t say that it’s completely waterproof.   This pack will take on water through the seams, zippers, and fabric if in standing water but in most conditions should keep everything dry.


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