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When Bonifacio Galvan, founder of Galvan Fly Reels, got into big game saltwater fly-fishing he decided he wanted a much faster line retrieval system than was available at that time. So he set out to make a reel that would help him tame some of the biggest fish on the planet, Marlin, Mako, Tuna and Dorado. The Torque Tournament Series not only fulfills this dream but in the process set a new standard for big game saltwater fly-fishing. The Torque Tournament has all of the hallmarks and trusted reputation of the Torque combined with pure size and brute strength.

The TTS has mega-torque stopping power able to subtly manage fish in the 100’s of pounds category. Additionally its large circumference aids with an extraordinarily fast retrieval rate. The T-14 can pull 15.7”, the T-16 a massive 17.3” and the T-18 a unheard of 18.8” per single rotation. This is necessary when quickly retrieving slack line while managing a fast moving big game ocean fish. It comes with a beefed up version of our innovative Torque drag system and is offered in three sizes: T-14 quick, T-16 quicker and T-18 quickest. Its extra large drag knob is easily accessible to make precise drag adjustments in the heat of a fight.

The TTS’ extra large, easy to grip, beveled handle provides plenty of leverage to crank in an ocean beast. It comes in blue, black and clear finishes that mimic the aesthetic beauty of the ocean itself. The TTS is also corrosion resistant and saltwater safe. The Torque Tournament Series undoubtedly captures the right balance between simplicity, durability, aesthetics and affordability.

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