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Our traditional bamboo fly rods are steeped in tradition and of heirloom quality. You can’t help but be in awe of the fine craftsmanship that goes into these works of art. Whether you decide to add one of these fine split-cane fly rods as a collector’s piece, or fish with them, you will be proud to own such a beautiful piece.2fjxf5hs_alt5

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Perhaps no other piece of sporting equipment invokes such reverence for tradition as the split-cane bamboo fly rod. Orvis has been building bamboo fly rods for well over a century, and is responsible for some of the most important innovations in their design and construction. The resulting heirloom bamboo fly rods have surprising power with consummate grace and a bit of passionate charm. In the overwhelming techno-wilderness of the early twenty first century, the Orvis bamboo fly rod represents a lasting bastion of workbench craftsmanship.

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It is a privilege to own and review the Penn’s Creek 7-foot, 4-weight bamboo fly rod. Orvis’ contribution to bamboo rod history and innovation is evident in the rod’s beauty, craftsmanship and supreme casting ability. I routinely fish this rod on Virginia’s small streams, where it excels at presenting dry flies at both close and distant targets under a variety of conditions. Initially babying the rod for fear of breaking it, I grew to appreciate its strength and hook-setting power. The rod is also virtually maintenance-free; I simply wipe it down with a dry cloth after fishing and store it upright in its tube with the cap loosely fitted for ventilation. I occasionally clean the ferule ends with denatured alcohol to preserve the correct fit and pleasing “pop” when taking the rod apart. I also rotate the tip sections in use, one for odd days the other for even, as a matter of practice to avoid fighting or casting sets. This is an expensive rod but well worth the purchase price; I justified mine in recognition of a career milestone. While I often reflect on the milestone; the rod has now become justification in and of itself. This one of the most satisfying products that I have ever purchased; it is a useable piece of American fly fishing history. Tight lines.


I have fished my Penn’s Creek 4 wt. for almost two years now and have found it’s quality and performance to be unmatched. Many fellow anglers who couldn’t believe the price were more impressed when they cast and caught with it. The finish has held up to over 150 days and over 100 fish. The best fishing trip I’ve had was a frigid January afternoon when I landed a 21″ holdover after a fantastic fight. Great job Orvis craftsmen!

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