Orvis Hydros WF HD Power Taper Fly Line


Maximize casting efficiency with the Hydros HD Power Taper fly line.

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Designed specifically for modern, fast-action fly rods, the Hydros HD Power Taper places more of the line weight forward to load rods at even shorter distances while maximizing performance potential for maximum casting efficiency. Built a half size heavier than our standard Trout line to help load rods quickly and completely, generating high line speeds and helping to turn over indicator rigs, bushy terrestrials, multiple nymph rigs and big flies with ease and accuracy. HD texturing provides increased surface area, allowing the line to sit higher in the water, offering less drag, easier mending, less water spray, and easier pick-ups. The micro-textured surface traps air to provide increases in both shootability and flotation while decreasing friction, and the microreplicated pattern increases line durability.
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