Rio InTouch Perception Fly Line



The Rio Intouch Perception fly line has unprecedented casting control and instantaneous feel. The trout line redefined.

  • Unique three-color SureFire system ensures deadly accurate distance control
  • ConnectCore improves casting timing, hook set and mending
  • EasyID tag to quickly identify fly line
  • Winner of best New Fly Line for 2014 at EFTTEX and IFTD shows
  • RIOÕs MaxFloat Tips float more than twice as high as regular line tips, without more diameter

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Rio InTouch Perception Fly Line

    Our revolutionary RIO Perception floating trout line helps anglers connect with more fish than ever before. Built with ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Technology, Perception lines provide groundbreaking levels of sensitivity for intuitively better cast timing, easier line lift and sharp, precise mends. Lack of stretch also means enhanced detection of subtle takes and faster reaction time when setting the hook. Our exclusive SureFire color system (RIO’s unique tri-color distance measure) improves casting accuracy by making it easy to gauge exact distances with a quick glance.

In Touch Connect Core

The In Touch {erception fly lines utilize a new core material Rio calls Connect Core. This stiffer core material results in several fly fishing benefits. The first is much less stretch in your fly line. Less stretch adds more durability. It also creates better casting performance because the timing of casts is unaffected by fly line stretch. The fly line becomes more responsive making for more precise mends and fast line pick up. Ideally your fly rod should be flexing and loading rather than your fly line stretching and negatively impacting the entire system.  Perhaps one the most important benefits is a fly line that is ultimately more sensitive. Line stretch is the enemy of sure, immediate reaction and positive hook sets. Connect Core results in faster, more effective hook sets and more strength and response while playing fish.

InTouch Fly Lines

Most fly lines stretch about 30%, which means you’ve grown accustomed to losing almost a third of the energy you put into every cast, mend and hook set. Not good. That’s why we’re building our InTouch lines around ultra-low stretch ConnectCore technology.

Remove the stretch and — Voila! — you magically regain all that lost energy and sensitivity. As in, explosive casting distance, more intuitive timing, lightning-fast hook sets and a supernatural ability to detect even the softest takes. In other words, you become a better angler the instant you spool up an InTouch line.

Ready to fish better and catch more? Fish an ultra-low stretch InTouch line



Crazed, fishing fools? Line geeks? GUILTY AS CHARGED

Some say we are just fanatics, using our selfish needs to create the most sophisticated, strenuously tested products available… but we call it pride… pride in the promise to give you the absolute, hands-down, best of fly fishing excellence on your rod. RIO is fanatical about technology. And our cast members have donated literally thousands and thousands of hours on the water researching, designing and refining our products. All with one goal in mind – helping anlgers hook, land and turn loose more fish!


The majority of modern fly lines feature a taper at the front end, which ensures that they cast smoothly and land on the water without too much impact. With sinking lines and sink tips, this taper creates a small problem; as the line gets thinner the amount of coating on it gets less.

The coating is what makes a fly line sink, so as the coating is reduced, the sink rate slows down. Usually this means a tapered sinking line sinks in a curve – with the thicker, heavier and denser body section sinking faster than the tip – not good for controlling the depth, and especially not good for detecting atake, or setting the hook.

RIO’s Density Compensation adds a more dense material to the thin tip, which ensures the line sinks straight – better for knowing when a fish takes the fly, and far better for setting the hook. All RIO’s premium tapered sinking lines and sink tips are Density Compensated.


DualTone is a system perfected by RIO that marks the sweet spot of a fly line by providing an obvious color change in the line. The design of every fly line taper, its most likely application and each individual line size is carefully taken into account, and the location of the color change is unique to each fly line.

Every line model and size is tested on a selection of fly rods to find the ideal place where the rod loads, and the color change starts at that point.

With the DualTone system it is easy to see how much line to strip in, where to pick up a cast, how much line can be held in the air when false casting, and when to make the final cast.


A highly visible, short mark built into the fly line that shows anglers when the end of the sinking line is getting close during the retrieve. For anglers that fish the “hang” this is invaluable.


Easy ID loops are neat, printed loops that show the size and type of the shooting head.


An easy to see reference point that shows the most efficient loading point of the fly line.


A neat, bullet-proof welded loop on the front end for fast rigging.


A neat, bullet-proof welded loop on the rear end for fast rigging.

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  1. Ray Kyle

    The Rio InTouch Perception Fly Line is an outstanding WF fly line using the InTouch technology. The InTouch really makes it easier for me to mend, set and fight fish. The multi-color line helps determine the length of line that is out which I find helpful casting from a boat to the shore. This is hands down the best line that I’ve thrown and will find a home on all of my fast action trout rods.

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