Eagle River Fishing Report

RAYjOSIE WITH BIG eAGLE rIVER bOWJason Newll and ClientCaroline kurio 2-14-2015 Eagle River Cuttbow with Bill Sutila

UPDATED: July 25th. 2015


The Eagle River is one of the last true large freestone rivers in Colorado. The Eagle runs right through the heart of the Vail Valley. Starting it’s 77 mile journey high above the valley floor near Tennessee pass and dropping 2,400 vertical feet in it’s first 30 miles the river slows and widens as it flows through the towns of Avon and Edwards. The upper Eagle is famous for it’s great Brown Trout habitat and faster water/ pocket fishing, this area is overlooked by many anglers but offers some great wade fishing using big dry flies and streamers. As the Eagle cuts it’s way west towards the Colorado River from Edwards, Float and wade fishing for a mix of larger Browns and Rainbows is some of the best fishing in Colorado. The lower Eagle is more heavily fished but offers good public access. Wild Rainbows and Browns up to 20 plus inches are not uncommon in the Eagle River.

Best dry fly fishing in years right now on the Eagle all day Caddis.  Float or wade it’s all good right now.  The prolific Eagle River Caddis hatch is going off right now!!   Float fishing has been very good down river.  We are fully stocked and ready to rock with over 15000 flies delivered just this week!  If we don’t got you don’t need it!

Fly Fishing Outfitters is pleased to Offer new private Eagle River fishing on the Strawberry Fields Ranch beginning this Summer  please let us know if you are interested in fishing this nearly 2 miles of secluded River.

We have the new Eagle River Maps available for download now!  GPS, interactive, public and private access and floating information as well….

From any mobile devise just email to: ffo@mtxp.net and follow instructions on auto reply.

Eagle River Report Date


Eagle River Flow
  • Avon 460 CFS behind the shop.
  • Wolcott 580 CFS
  • Gypsum 775 CFS

Perfect conditions for dry flies all day!!

Eagle River Mid Day Water Temp

54.0-60.0 Degrees @ Wolcott late day.  That’s a great Caddis Temperature!!

Eagle River Current Rating (1-10)

10 / 10 Above Wolcott
10/10  Below Wolcott

It’s Bonkers out there!!

Eagle River Fly Fishing Report

The Conditions on the Eagle are EPIC right now! Water Temeratures are  between 55-60 degrees, which is optimal for the Caddis hatch.  Caddis, PMD’s and Stoneflies are all going crazy.  Perfect water temperatures for the hatches.  The river levels have been dropping steadily over the last several days making for much easier wading conditions then what we had last week.  The float conditions have been nothing short of spectacular!!  Dry fly fishing has been terrific from mid morning to dark (Hour of Power).  Attractor dries like PMX’s and Stimis are fooling trout to the surface as well as Elk Hair Caddis (tan),  PMD emerger’s and dries are working best in the Afternoons.  Yellow Sallie Stone flies as well in the later part of the day.  If you are a dry fly fisher then this is your dream time!!  We may only have a week or 2 left for floating the Eagle so don’t procrastinate call now and get the best float guides in the business and get after it.

Shop hours are 7-6 Mon-Sat. 7-4 Sundays

Hot Flies on the Eagle River


DRIES: PMX’s Royal, Peacock (#6-10),Swisher Foam PMX Tan(#8-12) Swisher Specked PMX Royal (#10-12) Stimulators Royal (#12-16), Tan Elk Hair Caddis (#12-14) Tan or Yellow Sponge Bob’s (#12-16) X-2 Caddis Tan (#14-16), Bullet Head Golden Stone (#10-14)Swishers Speckled Yellow Royal PMX(#8-12)Tan Foam Chewy Toy(#8-12)

NYMPHS:  BH/ Prince Nymphs (#10-14) Red/Chartreuse Copper Johns(#12-16)  Pat’s Rubber legs Black/Brown (#8-10) Cheater belly Stones (#6-10) 20 Inchers (8-12)  Skipper Stone Golden (4-6) Guides Choice Hares Ear (#12-16) Quasimodo Pheasant Tail (12-16) Graphic Caddis (#14-16), Biot Golden Stone (#10-16)

STREAMERS; Buggers(Black, Olive) , Tequilly’s, SlumpBusters, Bread and Butter Buggers …