Eagle River Fishing Report

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UPDATED: May 18th. 2015

Got Streamers!!!! 

The Eagle River is one of the last true large freestone rivers in Colorado. The Eagle runs right through the heart of the Vail Valley. Starting it’s 77 mile journey high above the valley floor near Tennessee pass and dropping 2,400 vertical feet in it’s first 30 miles the river slows and widens as it flows through the towns of Avon and Edwards. The upper Eagle is famous for it’s great Brown Trout habitat and faster water/ pocket fishing, this area is overlooked by many anglers but offers some great wade fishing using big dry flies and streamers. As the Eagle cuts it’s way west towards the Colorado River from Edwards, Float and wade fishing for a mix of larger Browns and Rainbows is some of the best fishing in Colorado. The lower Eagle is more heavily fished but offers good public access. Wild Rainbows and Browns up to 20 plus inches are not uncommon in the Eagle River.

Good Streamer action on the Eagle right now.  We are in pre runoff and the river is in great shape above Wolcott, however  off color below Wolcott but fishable.

Fly Fishing Outfitters is pleased to Offer new private Eagle River fishing on the Strawberry Fields Ranch beginning this Summer  please let us know if you are interested in fishing this nearly 2 miles of secluded River.

Eagle River Report Date


Eagle River Flow
  • Avon 620CFS behind the shop
  • Wolcott 914 CFS
  • Gypsum 410 CFS
Eagle River Mid Day Water Temp

48.0 Degrees @ Wolcott Mid day at Wolcott.  Water conditions are very clear to Wolcott.  Some off color conditions below Wolcott.

Eagle River Current Rating (1-10)

7 / 10 Above Wolcott

5/10  Below Wolcott

Eagle River Fly Fishing Report

We are in pre runoff on the Eagle,meaning get it now because it might not be there tomorrow.  The weather for the next week points to favorable fishing conditions for wading and Floating.  the river below Wolcott is off color but is fishable, above Wolcott is much clearer all the way  up valley.  Streamers are working great as well as Nymphing all day.  The hatches have been sporadic lately due to the changing weather conditions. Please call the shop for the latest skinny.  Take advantage of the winter guide rates while they last (June 15th).

Shop hours are 9-5 Mon-Sat. 10-3 Sundays

Hot Flies on the Eagle River

STREAMERS; Buggers(Black, Olive) , Tequilly’s….Water temps are a bit too low for productive streamer fishing right now on the Eagle

DRIES: Griffiths Gnat (#18-24)  Morgans Adult Midge (#20-22) Roy’s special (#20-22) Trailing shuck Midge(#20-22) Hi-vis Midge (#20-24) Parachute Adams (#20-22)

NYMPHS:   JR’s Emerger (#20-22) Black beauty (#20-24)Biot Black Midge Emerger(#20-22)M&M Midge Black (#20-22) Dorsey’s Top Secret(#20-24)Eggs (#12-18)Prince Nymphs (#18-20) Black Copper Johns(#18-20) Disco Midge red or green (#18-22) Zebra Midge red,grey or black (#20-22) Craven’s JU JU Bee Midge (#20-24)  Craven’s JU JU Beatis(#18-22) RS-2 grey or black(#18-24)Pat’s Rubber legs Black/Brown (#8-10) 20 Inchers (8-12)  Formerlies!!