Roaring Fork River Fishing Report

ffo-175-05colorado-fly-fishing-troutIn the net! January float fishingLower Eagle Hog

August 26th. 2015



Waters Dropping!! It’s now on for the Fork.

The Roaring Fork River starts high above Aspen and makes its way down valley through Basalt (Frying Pan River) to Glenwood Springs where it meets up with the Colorado River. The upper Fork above the Town of Carbondale is fantastic wade and raft float fishing on the large freestone fishery. From Carbondale down river to Glenwood Springs the river widens and is more conducive to Drift boat fishing as well as wading. The Roaring fork although not as scenic as other rivers is an incredible trout fishery that is known for it’s Green Drake hatch starting in early July most years. The Roaring Fork is home to some big Browns and Rainbows especially as you get near Glenwood Springs. Excellent public access is available from Glenwood to Aspen. The current flows are pretty low for the hard boats in some spots. Great wading access above Carbondale all winter. The Frying Pan River enters the Roaring Fork at Basalt, the Pan is one the world’s most recognized trophy Trout rivers.

The Roaring Fork is fishing very well right now.  Caddis, Yellow Sally Stones and Hoppers are going to produce best on the surface.

The Fork is now really turning on nicely!!  We are doing floats and wades.

Roaring Fork Report Date


Roaring Fork Flow
  • Emma 495 CFS Dropping
  • Glenwood Springs 760 CFS
Roaring Fork Mid Day Water Temp

64 @ Glenwood Mid day

Roaring Fork Current Rating (1-10)
  • 8 of 10 Above Carbondale
  • 9 of 10 Below Carbondale
Roaring Fork Fly Fishing Report

Flows have dropped quite a bit in the last week, temperatures are still optimal and fishing has been very good.   Caddis, Yellow sallies and PMD’s are hatching  right now on the lower sections!  Hoppers and Ants are also good go to patters for the Fork through out the Summer months.  Best fishing is probably from the boat with the higher then average flows. The Fork is a tremendous Trout fishery albeit a crowded fishery, don’t worry there’s enough to go around.

Hot Flies on the Roaring Fork

DRIES/EMERGERS: Peacock/Royal PMX’s(#6-10) Yellow/tan Stimis(#10-16)Swisher’s Yellow Royal PMX (#12-16), Bullet Head Stones(#8-12),  Royal Wulffs(#10-16) Adams Para Wulff (#12-16) Yellow Sponge Bob’s(#8-12) Yellow PMX’s (#8-12) K.c”s Creature Hopper(#8-10) Triple Decker Hoppers (#6-8) Swisher’s Speckled Legs Royal Yellow/Red(#8-12)

NYMPHS: JR’s Emerger (#18-22) Formerly Princes (#14-18) BH Pheasant Tail (#18-22) Red/ Chartreuse /Zebra Copper John (#16-20) Hares Ear(#16-20) , Barr Emerger BWO (#16-18)Pat’s Rubber legs (#8-10) Eggs Chartreuse/peach (#12-18) San Juan Worms (#10-14) B.H Princes (#8-16) BH 20 Incher(#8-12) Pat’s Rubber legs (#6-10)Quasimodo(#14-18)

STREAMERS: Buggers. Invaders, Sculpzillas, Tequilly’s…Colder water make for more difficult streamer fishing in mid winter