Yampa River Fishing Report

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Fly Fishing Report for March 14th. 2015

The Yampa River starts below Stagecoach Reservoir and continues through the town of Steamboat Springs and heads west to the confluence of the Green River. Along it’s journey this gold medal Trout fishery melds into a warm water fly fishery inhabited by Small-mouth Bass and Large Northern Pike. Most of the Water west of Craig CO is accessible by boat only. The Pike fishing on the reservoir is AWESOME!  

Yampa River Report Date


Yampa River Flow

78 CFS Below Stagecoach

Yampa River Mid Day Water Temp

36 degrees

Yampa River Current Rating (1-10)

8 out of 10

Yampa River Fly Fishing Report

The Yampa below Stagecoach is a small tailwater fishery that can provide great success if you are a good nymph fisherman. Get there early there are pretty big crowds!!

Hot Flies on the Yampa River

NYMPHS/EMERGERS-San Juan Worm Pink(#12) R-S2 black/gray(#18-22) JU JU Bee Midge’s, blue/red (#20-22) Black Beauty Midge (#20-22) Disco Midge, green/red(#20-24) Zebra Midge, black/red(#20-22) Poison Tungsten Midge, blue(#20-22) Eggs, peach/chart.(#12-18) Pheasant tails(#16-22) Prince’s (#14-20) Barr Emergers (#16-20) DRIES-Adult Black Midge(#22-24) Parachute Adams (#18-20) Griffith Gnat(#20-22) Morgan’s Midge(#18-20)