Tom Rosenbauer’s 7 Top Winter Fly-Fishing Tips

‘Tis the season for winter fly-fishing. Here are seven tips to get you started, as well as my favorite fly patterns: 1. Pick the right place. Best winter rivers are Colorado tailwaters like the South Platte, Yampa, Frying Pan, or Gunnison; Montana tailwaters like the Bighorn [Read More]

“Jig Flies: A Familiar Twist”

“Jig Flies: A Familiar Twist”  Hunter Towery FFO Guide One of the more recent trends that has rippled through the fly fishing industry are jig flies. Most commonly associated with nymphs particularly of the European variety. They’re also found with streamers in many colors and [Read More]

Keeping the bite going through runoff

Muddy Water This time of year is an annual speed bump in our angling time. With freestone rivers such as the Eagle resembling something between questionable fishing water and chocolate milk. As high water turns into the norm for the upcoming weeks still water opportunities [Read More]

Catch and Release Tips and Principles

KEEPEMWET PRINCIPLES From the second they’re hooked to the moment of release, fish experience some level of stress. This stress can cause negative health effects such as diminished ability to avoid predators, reduced reproductive success, and delayed mortality related to disease – even if a fish vigorously swims away. While [Read More]


MEN’S ULTRALIGHT WADING BOOT As an integrated part of the Orvis Ultralight Wading System, the Men’s Ultralight Wading Boot offers exceptional performance and durability without the bulk and weight of a conventional boot. Helps eliminate the need to leave essential gear or clothing at home [Read More]

Review of Orvis Helios 3 Fly rod “It’s Worthy”

Review of Orvis Helios 3 Fly rod “It’s Worthy” Since October we have had our hands on the new Orvis Helios 3D 9ft 5wt rod. Several of the staff had the opportunity to fish with it from the boat and wading. Fishing everything from smaller [Read More]

Going for 0% in 2018-Going Green to the Extreme!

Going for 0% in 2018! Over the past several years we have enjoyed some great success in our business and have tried hard to be “Stewards” of the outdoors.  In our effort to be bigger and better we were partially neglecting one thing.  We are [Read More]

Fall is Time to Fish Streamers in Colorado

Fall is Time for Streamers! Aaaahhh the first day of Fall in Colorado’s high country.  Many people dread this day as the beginning of the dark days of Winter, but not the fly-fishing enthusiast.  The crowds of summer are long gone the water conditions are [Read More]

Get Jiggy With It

JIG NYMPHS Fly fishing with jig nymphs has been around for a while, but it’s only recently that we’ve seen a surge in their popularity. While fishing with dry flies has long been the go-to for anglers of all experience and skill levels, there are [Read More]

Are You Serious!!!

Helios 2 35%off all Helios 2 Rods The Helios 2 is a featherlight war club that defies the laws of physics and has the backbone of an I-beam. Lighter in hand and 20% stronger than any rod we’ve ever developed, it transitions energy directly from your [Read More]