Review of Smith Chromapop lenses

  Since Smith Optics first introduced the ChromaPop lenses in late 2014 we have had ample time to put them to the test as well as getting feedback from our customers. The jury is in and we are more than impressed with these lenses performance [Read More]

Competition Fly fishing?

  The World fly fishing championships started in 1983, and believe it or not the first winners that year were the Dutch! Since then, the championships have gained serious momentum, and there has been a WFFC every single year since that fateful day back in [Read More]

Review of Streamer Fly lines

Review of streamer lines for 2016 When the water temperatures on our local rivers get into the mid-4o’s on a daily basis 2 major things happen the get all Fly fishers very excited around here. It’s the beginning of the Blue Winged Olive hatch which [Read More]

Product review of Orvis Hydros SL Reel

  Product review of Orvis Hydros SL Reel. Got to river test the new Orvis Hydros SL II reel this week on the Eagle river. March here is a good time to test a new reel. The fish are big and they have a ton [Read More]

Springtime in the Mountains-A Flyfisher’s Paradise

  Springtime in the Mountains-A Flyfisher’s Paradise. The days are getting longer and the bugs are hatching on the rivers, a fly fisher’s paradise.  In the last few days the shop has been overrun with local as well as the visitors in the know, the fishing has [Read More]

The Magnificent Midge for Winter Fly Fishing

The Magnificent Midge Midges, Midges and more Midges.  When the weather in the heart of the Rocky Mountains has turned to the short days of winter and many fly fishers have traded in their fly rods for skis or snowboards.  Trout also realize that the [Read More]

What Makes Project Healing Waters so Amazing & Why We Love Working With Them

Fly fishing may often be a fairly solo sport, but at Fly Fishing Outfitters, we know how important community is and we’re all about getting involved. That’s why we’re proud to volunteer with Project Healing Waters, an awesome nonprofit dedicated to helping veterans through fly [Read More]

The Beginner’s Guide to Fly Fishing in Colorado: Part 4, Recommended Beginner Fishing Spots

Ready to explore the great wide open and start casting? You’ll need a few hotspot recommendations to make your first outing a success. Check out some of the best places to begin your fly fishing career and get started today: The Big Thompson: The Big [Read More]

The Beginner’s Guide to Fly Fishing in Colorado: Part 3, How to Cast

Learning how to cast starts with your grip. Use your dominant hand to grab the rod and curl your fingers around the cork handle so your thumb is on top. Rest the bottom of the rod on your forearm to keep it stable. Your wrist [Read More]

The Beginner’s Guide to Fly Fishing in Colorado: Part 2, Types of Fish in Colorado

Trout is the “quintessential” fish in Colorado, yet there are more beautiful fish swimming in our waters. In Part Two of our series, we’ll review some of the many fish you’ll find on the end of your fly fishing line. Rainbow Trout:  These trout are [Read More]